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Get Ready for Summer!

With this winter’s arctic vortex, multitude of snow days, and general misery weather-wise, summer might be the last thing on your mind, however now is the time to start preparing for the summer of 2014, which will be upon us before you know it. Here are a sampling of key items to accomplish prior to the end of school, and start of the madness.

Dive into fun at the Strasburg Pool

Obviously, priority number one should be recreation, and where better to relax, have fun, and enjoy a Slush Puppie than the Strasburg Pool? One can enjoy the pool in a variety of ways – loading up the family vehicle and making it an afternoon outing, bringing kids and their friends, taking advantage of the great rates on guest passes, calling a fellow teenager to meet at the pool for an afternoon of fun, or going in an “off-time” to enjoy the peace and tranquility one can experience reading a book with feet dangling in the shallow end. No matter what you love about the Strasburg Pool, it is the place to be in the summer of 2014 – and right now, you can take advantage of great rates by registering early!

Plan your family getaway

Before it finally warms up and you realize that it is April, dream of lying on a beach somewhere warmer than Lancaster County right about now. Book your family vacation, whether at a tranquil cabin, sunny beach, or other unique spot, before it is too late.

Play the market

Perhaps the best time to buy a snow blower is July, however the best time to buy summer equipment, such as beach toys, swimming equipment, or grills could be right now. The Lancaster County area is inundated with a plethora of local businesses and retailers eager to do business with you, and because the demand for “summer stuff” is likely low, you could take advantage and find some great deals out there!

Camps for the kids

Now is about the time that weeklong, or summer-long camps begin to advertise and fill up. Determine what might be a fit for your family or kids, and register now before they are all booked, and you have to panic the third week of May. Preparation inhibits panic.

And most of all …

Relax. Even if all else fails, and no other summer plans materialize, you always have the Strasburg Pool, at which you can lounge, your kids can play, and summer can occur. See you in 2014!